Supply Chain Logistics

Our consultants have worked in the industry around the globe and have hands-on experience in all facets of international air and sea freight, warehousing, shipping and domestic transport.

Project Management

New projects or reassessing existing projects - we have the skills and expertise to formulate and manage ongoing strategies to produce a higher level of production and profitability.

Process Optimisation

Whether it be a change to a problematic area or the development of a new process to streamline your systems, we possess the expertise to deliver results.

Consulting Services              

We recognize levels of consultation vary to individual needs. Whatever the relationship, there is no differentiation in our commitment to you.

Change Management

We understand the success of any project requires not only a change to processes, but to how business has been approached in the past, and manage the transition with you.

Strenia Solutions


With branches in Australia, Germany and South Africa, Strenia Solutions specializes in project management, process analysis and the implementation of streamlined systems. The Partners' expertise and knowledge within the domestic and international logistics industry, enables the delivery of a higher level of performance and profitability for service providers.

As an independent partner we are not influenced by any internal legacy processes. We provide you with a fresh set of eyes and an unbiased opinion. High focus is given to ensure change management procedures are documented and implemented for the successful delivery of the project. Improvements to your core business processes remove bottlenecks and redundant procedures allowing for increased productivity and scalability for future growth.

We work closely with you to understand your business 'pain' points. By asking the right questions we are able to analyse the symptoms to identify the real business issue.

Identifying the root cause will collapse all symptoms of the problem